City Annual Grant

2015 Applications available by November 2014

General Organization Grant Information

Funded by the City of Indianapolis & Capital Improvement Board

Each year, the City of Indianapolis through the City-County Council allocates funding to the Arts Council of Indianapolis to grant to Marion County arts organizations. The Arts Council of Indianapolis recognizes the importance of public financial support to sustain a wide variety of artistic disciplines and expressions. Funding through the 2013 Annual Grant Program enables arts organizations to provide arts programming and educational opportunities throughout Marion County, to promote Indianapolis as a cultural destination, to build the capacity and stability of Indianapolis’ arts and cultural organizations, to enhance the economic development of the city through the arts, and to share arts programs and activities with underserved audiences.

Grant applications are adjudicated in a public process that is free from conflicts of interest and assures fairness and professionalism.


For more information, please contact Ernest Disney-Britton at 317-631-3301 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .