FAQs | Individual Grants

Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship

1. What is the Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship Program?
The Arts Council of Indianapolis is pleased to support individual artists and arts administrators through the Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship Program. The Creative Renewal program, funded by Lilly Endowment Inc., awards $10,000 to each of 40 selected artists and arts administrators. The program is designed to celebrate the work of individual artists and arts administrators and offers the participants unique and challenging ways to renew and refresh their creativity.

The program is a two-year grant program. The first round of fellowship recipients was announced in 1999, the second round in 2001, the third round in 2003, the fourth round in 2005, the fifth in 2007, the sixth in 2009, the seventh in 2011, and the current round in 2013. 

Fellowship Eligibility Requirements
Professional artists and arts administrators employed by non-profit organizations meeting the following criteria were eligible:

  • At least three years of consecutive residence in one of the following Indiana counties: Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hendricks, Hancock, Johnson, or Shelby
  • Primary source of income was work in dance, theatre, media arts, music, literature, visual arts, or multidisciplinary art forms
  • At least 10 years of experience in the arts and at least three years in which the applicant's primary source of income was employment in the arts
  • Recipients agreed to share, by way of a public presentation, the results of their fellowship with the community

2. What sort of reporting schedule do you require for grant recipients?

All fellowship recipients are required to document their fellowship experience and present a final report to the Arts Council. In addition, each fellowship recipient must complete a final presentation of their fellowship experience. The final payment of the fellowship award is not made without submission of the final report and completion of the final presentation.

3. How are the fellows chosen?

The Arts Council relies on a panel made up of national arts professionals, in a variety of arts disciplines, to adjudicate the Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship program.

4. When will the application be available for the next round of the Creative Renewal Fellowship?
If there is another round of the Creative Renewal Fellowship, the Arts Council will announce that in September 2015. Please check our website at that time to see if there will be future rounds of the program.

5. Is it possible to have Arts Council staff assist me with my Creative Renewal Fellowship application?
Should there be another Creative Renewal Fellowship offered in 2015, information will be available on this page about the fellowship in fall 2014. Because the Arts Council utilizes out-of-state arts professionals to adjudicate its grant applications, the Arts Council staff is available to review your application. Our staff will be glad to assist you in developing your project/proposal and answering any questions you might have. However, be sure to contact Arts Council staff well in advance of the application deadline. As the deadline date approaches, the availability of staff becomes limited. So please plan accordingly.

Beckmann Emerging Artist Fellowship

1. Who is an emerging artist?
For the purposes of this fellowship program, we define an emerging artist as an artist that shows exceptional promise, that has mastered the basic techniques in his/her art form, and is attempting to launch a professional career in the arts. Quite simply, it is an artist who is professionally unrecognized but stylistically evolved. Additional considerations of an emerging artist:

  • An artist who has been working in or pursuing their field for at least one year, but no more than three years. This must not include time as a full-time student.
  • An artist who is not currently pursuing an undergraduate degree. Those artists pursuing an advanced degree while pursuing a professional artistic career are eligible.
  • Age of the artist is not a consideration. Individuals who are mid-career and have chosen to switch to an artistic pursuit in a professional capacity are eligible.
  • An artist who may have a “day job” at the time of application but can demonstrate that he/she is pursuing their art form as a full-time career.

2. How are applicants evaluated?
Fellowships will be awarded to applicants who are actively pursuing professional careers in the arts.
A panel of local arts professionals including administrative and creative leadership from major Indianapolis arts organizations as well as representatives from the Arts Council will adjudicate applications. The recommendations from the panel go to the Arts Council Board of Directors for final approval.

Panelists make their decisions based on the application materials, work samples, attachments, and documentation. Applicants will be evaluated according to the following:

  • Overall excellence of the applicant’s work and the demonstration of exceptional talent
  • Commitment to professional growth and the applicant’s art form
  • Contribution of the proposed activities to the artist’s career goals and artistic development
  • Feasibility of the proposed project, including timeline, budget, and scope of activities

3. What are the eligibility requirements for this fellowship?
These are general eligibility requirements. Each individual’s situation is different. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make the case in the application for meeting the eligibility requirements.

You must currently reside in one of the following counties: Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hendricks, Hancock, Johnson, or Shelby County.

  • You must be pursuing a professional career in the arts (in the fields of dance, theatre, media arts, music, literature, or visual arts) and must have been working in the arts for at least one year (not necessarily with the same art form).
  • You must reside in one of the counties listed above for at least two years following the conclusion of the fellowship activities.